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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Why do I need a Massachusetts Estate Plan?

We all must confront the reality that no matter our age or health that we are susceptible to an unexpected accident, medical emergency, or even death. While the very thought of succumbing to a catastrophic event may be difficult, planning for such an event is a practical and necessary part of life. There are many things to consider such has who will make medical decisions and manage your affairs if you are incapacitated. If you own real estate, personal family heirlooms, or have children you need to have a plan in place now to ensure that your assets and family are protected. In the aftermath of an unexpected tragic event a comprehensive and reliable estate plan ensure that your wishes are followed and your family is protected. Lambert Legal is an experienced Massachusetts estate planning firm.

Components of Massachusetts Estate Plan

In Massachusetts, a basic estate plan should consist of a Last Will and Testament, Durable Power of Attorney, and Health Care Proxy. These documents require careful attention and each one must be properly tailored to fit your specific needs. Along with a basic estate plan, your situation may require the use of other estate planning techniques. For example, a Trust is an effective estate planning tool that offers an array of options and protections that can be customized to your unique situation. For parents, it is essential that your estate plan provide financial security and custodial safeguards for your children. Consideration of your bank accounts, retirement accounts, and life insurance policies is an important part of any estate plan. Beneficiary designations and rights of survivorship should be properly set and integrated into your estate plan. As you can see, an estate plan is made up of many components that must function harmoniously as a comprehensive plan.

Experienced Massachusetts Estate Planning Lawyer

Attorney Lambert works collaboratively with clients to craft an estate plan that effectively achieves his client's objectives. A thorough understanding of the panoply of estate planning techniques allows Attorney Lambert to design a comprehensive plan that protects your assets, children, and accomplishes your testamentary wishes.

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